Case manager

Company Name:
The GEO Group
Must have valid driver's license (a state issued ID is not acceptable)
This position provides counseling services, assists the inmates or detainees in adjusting to facility life and obtaining needed services or changes in assignment. Develops and implements programs within the facility to meet the individual needs of inmates or detainees, to include individual and group counseling.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Interviews newly admitted inmates or detainees.
Conducts facility orientation for newly assigned inmates or detainees explaining rules and regulations of the facility, available services and programs, and the disciplinary and classification process.
Provides individual counseling to inmates or detainees on an informal basis regarding work and housing assignments, adjustment problems, and family problems.
Resolves day-to-day problems with counseling. Refers inmates or detainees with serious problems to professional counseling staff.
Provides assistance to the inmates or detainees in obtaining needed services. Serves as a representative for the inmate/detainee at classification committee meetings.
Monitors inmate/detainee custody, housing, job and program assignments to ensure all cases are reviewed in a timely manner.
Conducts visits to inmates or detainees assigned to caseload who are housed in special housing.
Reviews inmate/detainee medical status to determine eligibility to work in volunteer job assignments.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Minimum Requirements
High school diploma or equivalent certification required.
Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, sociology, or related field is preferred.
One (1) year in caseload management of offenders in a correctional setting required or an equivalent combination of education and related work experience required.
Certified law enforcement officer experience or correctional/detention experience preferred.
Compensation: $
City: Kinder
Requisition ID: J3H3WY6VVDT58691VQD
State: LA
Country: US

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